Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor was revealed on Twitter on March 24th by a reputable developer and source Kuba Wojciechowski. The processor’s model number is “SM8650,” while its internal code name is “Lanai” or “Pineapple.”

A unique 2+3+2+1 architecture is featured by this third-generation Snapdragon processor, though specific details regarding its clock frequencies are unclear. The core configuration of IT Home is as follows: 2 Arm “silver” cores on the Hayes (A5xx) platform, 3 Arm “gold” cores & 2 Arm “titanium” called “Hunter” (A7xx), lastly one Arm “gold+” core called the “Hunter ELP” (Xn).

Developers will need to update their apps to the 64-bit architecture since the chipset lacks associated CPU cores for 32-bit Android apps.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 also comes with a 770MHz Adreno 750 GPU (Adreno Gen 7.9.0), though the official flagship could come with a higher clock frequency.

It is compatible with Android 14 and Linux Kernel 6.1, and it is manufactured through TSMC’s improved 4nm process or Samsung’s 3nm process. We can’t wait to see what new possibilities this processor will open up in the tech industry.