A tech startup called Nothing released its first product in 2021 called the Nothing Ear (1), which gained popularity for its unique transparent design and inclusion of ANC. Nothing Ear is preparing to launch its successor, Nothing Ear (2), on March 22. However, promotional materials and specifications for the earbuds have already surfaced online.

OnLeaks is cited as the source of the leak by Tech Outlook. According to the report, Nothing Ear (2) will have a similar design to its predecessor. Both the earbuds and charging case will feature a semi-transparent design.


These earbuds have a transparent section showing their internal components and battery cells, as well as a stem design for improved grip and passive noise cancellation. There is a microphone cutout on both sides of the earbud, and Nothing Ear (2) branding is imprinted on the stem. A transparent lid and a white covering conceal the internal components of the charging case, which also features a semi-transparent design.


Like its predecessor, the Nothing Ear (2) features 11.6mm speakers. There will be a 6-hour playback time on the earbuds. With the case, it will last up to 36 hours. You can charge it wirelessly with a Qi-compatible charger or through the USB-C port.

Hybrid ANC (active noise cancellation) will be used by Ear (2) to effectively reduce background noise. The earbuds will weigh 4.5 grams each, which makes them slightly lighter than the Ear (1) earbud, which weighs 4.7 grams. Last but not least, the earbuds will be dust and water-resistant with an IP54 rating.

It has been reported that the Nothing Ear (2) might be able to connect to two devices at once. Personalized ANC may also be available, giving users the ability to adjust the strength of the ANC to their liking. Additionally, the earbuds will feature an Advanced EQ, allowing users to customize their settings.