Samsung has always placed a high priority on the security of its smartphones. Samsung Knox is built into Galaxy smartphones and already protects you against zero-click exploits aimed at stealing your data.

An attachment containing a zero-click exploit installs on your device or sensitive data immediately after it arrives. Audio and video attachments are already protected by Samsung Knox behind the scenes. With this new update, Samsung Galaxy users will also be protected against exploits based on images.

You can use Samsung Message Guard to check whether any image files that arrive on your phone are safe. It acts as a sandbox of sorts. Samsung will roll out the feature to third-party messenger apps later this year, starting with Samsung and Google’s Message apps.

The danger of zero-click exploits is that your phone could be hijacked and your data were stolen while you’re asleep or on the move. In addition to the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung Message Guard will be coming to other Galaxy devices later this year.