TheElec has learned that Samsung will reduce the number of models for its flagship Galaxy S24 series next year. Samsung has so far launched three models for its flagship Galaxy S series: standard, plus, and ultra.

The development of a Samsung smartphone usually begins a year before its release. Next month, Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S23 series.

Internally, the Galaxy S24 project is known as DM. The project currently consists of two sub-projects, DM1 and DM3. It is noticeable that there is no DM2 present.

According to prior S models’ naming conventions, DM1 would be the standard Galaxy S24, while DM3 would be the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Most likely, DM2 was planned but scrapped shortly thereafter.

As the Galaxy S24 series is a year away, Samsung could add a DM2 later, but it will need to be done in time. Due to the current state of the smartphone market, Samsung may decide not to offer a Plus model for the Galaxy S24 series.

In developed countries, most consumers buy either the premium or budget models. This trend was also reflected in the Plus model of the iPhone 14. Additionally, Samsung is considering reducing the number of models in its A series, its mid-tier brand. The Galaxy A1, A3, and A5 will likely continue, but the Galaxy A2 may be scrapped.