OnePlus foldable

We are just a few days away from the highly anticipated launch of the OnePlus 11. Just over a week remains until the Feb 7 launch event. However, this flagship isn’t the only exciting new smartphone the company has planned.

According to reports, the Chinese manufacturer will launch two foldable smartphones soon. The company is preparing to launch its first foldable phones that feature a clamshell and notebook-style folding design, according to Mukul Sharma. In the former case, it will be called OnePlus V Flip, while in the latter case, it will be called OnePlus V Fold.

It’s safe to assume that the V Fold will be the more expensive model based on the models we’ve seen from other brands who also follow the Flip and Fold branding.

According to the tweet, OnePlus has already trademarked the names of both devices. In addition, the internal testing of both or at least one of the two models has begun. According to sources close to the matter, the internal tests are currently being conducted in several regions, including Europe. Despite the trademark listing and the phone’s name, finer details such as the specifications of the two foldable smartphones are still unknown.

OnePlus has been working on foldable phones for quite some time. A teaser video released by the brand’s software executive Gary Chen in 2022 hinted at a foldable phone launch. Aside from its N2 foldable phones, Oppo also introduced its first clamshell folding model, the N2 Flip. In that case, it is also possible that the upcoming OnePlus foldable phones will feature specifications or design elements borrowed from its parent company. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this during the MWC 2023 event.