Samsung’s A5x series has been its best-selling smartphone series for quite a while now. As of now, however, it has been overshadowed by the A7x, which is the top dog of the A series. A new rumor suggests that will all change next year, since there will be no A7x device.

In other words, the Galaxy A73 is the last A7x model to be made, as Samsung will not release an A74 in 2023, leaving the Galaxy A54 as the star of the A series in terms of sales appeal and specs.

There have been leaks of other upcoming Ax4 handsets, but not of the A74, and that’s supposed because there is no A74 in development.

Samsung’s Galaxy A73, released in fewer countries than the A72 before it, was already marginalized in Samsung’s portfolio. Possibly the A73’s story foreshadowed what was to come with the A74.

The Galaxy S22 FE and S23 FE are also non-existent, leaving a big price gap between the A54 and S23 for Chinese competitors to exploit. Leaving yourself exposed to competition like that is a questionable strategy at best, but maybe Samsung has a plan – to sell the S22 at an even greater discount? The S23 will be introduced soon, so we won’t know until then. It’s only a few weeks away, now rumored to happen on February 1.