Besides the official announcement of the realme 10 Pro series, realme UI 4.0, based on Android 13, has also been released. Realme UI 4.0 boasts over 260 improvements.

real Design and Visual Changes


A more intuitive set of app icons has been designed considering the overwhelming number of apps users interact with on a daily basis. It features a card-like layout, clustering information as well as a new control center in these ‘cards’. To get key information quickly, users can also optimize card-styled control centers. A more dynamic interface is also provided with realme UI 4.0’s blossom wallpaper and shadow-reflective clock.

Trendsetting Interaction

Smart interaction simplifies users’ daily tasks and enhances their phone experience. Among the exciting features of realme UI 4.0 is the smart music AOD. You can see the music player even without unlocking your phone when listening to your favorite songs on Spotify. Additionally, it recommends 4 playlists that you might enjoy based on the algorithm. When you double-tap the AOD, the music player automatically turns into an interactive panel where you can pause, playback, and forward.

The realme UI 4.0 innovatively utilizes Bitmoji to show the estimated user’s behavior and status in the real world in an AOD way.

Efficient Lifestyle

UI 4.0 offers a significant improvement in basic system functions. Powered by the Dynamic Computing Engine, the system provides long-lasting and smooth performance while reducing power consumption. Overall performance has improved by 10%, while battery life has increased by 4.7% during gaming.

Realme has optimized animations as well with the latest Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, which ensures an intuitive experience when switching between or scrolling through applications using your realme devices. Furthermore, the smart home function provides well-suited operations. As a result, users can access apps in large folders on the home screen in one step.

To achieve more visual & interactive consistency and make full use of screen space, realme enhances adaptive layouts with new features, such as waterfall content self-adaption, a one-side navigation bar, and adaptive controls.

Privacy Protection

With realme UI 4.0, you now have the ability to protect your privacy with a brand-new privacy tool called Private Safe, based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

The new ‘Auto Pixelate’ feature has also been added to realme UI 4.0. With just one click, users can remove their personal information from screenshots taken from some frequently used instant messaging apps like Whatsapp and Messenger, eliminating all worries about revealing personal information.

 realme Widget Co-Creation Project

A world-wide community of fans and UI designers were invited to create interactive and innovative designs for realme UI 4.0 before realme announced its official release in 2022. Until now, more than 1,500 creative entries have been received from 15 countries around the world.