Google Pixel Tablet may finally be available to buyers, or at least one of them. It was available on Facebook Marketplace in the US along with a speaker docking station. As of now, the combo costs $400, but that isn’t an official price. Its screen setup is similar to the Feathers collection seen on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

According to the leak, the Google Pixel Tablet’s default app setup looks like this. In this screenshot, Pixel Launcher’s tablet-optimized home screen is shown, with the search bar atop the default apps. A few of these apps are Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and Photos. There are two suggestions in the last two slots.

The next row of apps includes the camera, Maps, and the Play Store, according to the default app setup. A dual-pane Settings app for larger screens was also shown. According to Facebook Marketplace, the current model is 256GB. Using 70% of the battery, it is estimated to last about 16 hours. The Pixel Tablet’s rear view also revealed USB-C and speaker grills at the connection to the charging speaker dock.

A charging speaker dock was also shown in the latest leak for the Pixel Tablet. It resembles the base of the Nest Hub Max. Similar to its sibling, it comes with a rectangular power adapter. There is also a barrel connector on the charging speaker dock. While the photos are lacking clarity, the screen bezels and body are likely dark.