According to reports, the Pixel 8 series will go one step further by supporting HDR+ photography. The Pixel phones were among the first to support HDR+ photography.

Google Camera Go’s source code reveals that 2023 Pixels will have staggered HDR – a solution that allows the sensor to capture different exposures simultaneously.

Pixel 7 series cameras use ISOCELL GN1 sensors, but Samsung’s camera chips do not support staggered HDR. There is no doubt that the Pixel 8 phones will feature ISOCELL GN2, which implements the latest advancements in high dynamic range mobile photography.

The advantage of staggered HDR is that it achieves the same effect in a shorter time without the blurriness caused by moving devices.

Additionally, the Go app source code revealed a device internally called Pixel Tangor Pro, which is essentially a Pixel Tablet Pro. In the near future, Google might launch not one but two tablets under the Pixel branding.