Samsung is also reportedly planning to add satellite communication features to the upcoming Galaxy S23 series, following Apple and Huawei. According to reports, the Korean firm is partnering with Iridium, a global satellite communications company, to transmit data via satellite.

According to Etnews, Samsung plans to integrate satellite communication into Galaxy S23 smartphones to transmit data such as low-capacity photos and text messages.

Samsung has worked hard over the past two years to overcome satellite communication’s technological challenges. The company will partner with Iridium, an established satellite communications company based in the US. By using 66 low-earth-orbit communication satellites, Iridium provides voice and data communication services in outer space.

In order to enable voice and high-speed data communication via satellite, a large antenna (RF) is required, but it is unlikely to appear in a smartphone today. Therefore, one of the most challenging aspects of Sat-com is making an antenna that doesn’t strike out. Samsung has completed this part, according to Etnews.

Moreover, the technology to integrate mobile and satellite communication modems to process digital data is also near completion. This new feature has not yet been confirmed by Samsung.

Galaxy S23 Ultra:

The Galaxy S23 Ultra display panel has now been revealed by Twitter user @RGcloudS. Tweets suggest that the AMOLED display’s maximum brightness may range between 2,100 and 2,200 nits, and its touch sampling rate may be set at 960 Hz. There is a PWM frequency of 2,000 Hz believed to be used. Lastly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen uses 45% less power than its predecessor.