The Intel NUC 13 Extreme Kit (code-named Raptor Canyon) and Intel NUC 13 Extreme Compute Element goes official as part of Intel’s mini-PC lineup. They feature 125W 13th Generation Intel Core processors, three slots for graphics cards, and an all-new thermal design.

The NUC 13 Extreme features a revamped thermal layout to maximize performance. The NUC’s new chassis maintains its trademark small form factor while improving airflow to reduce noise and throttling during gaming and demanding workloads.

According to Intel, this modular PC boasts an Intel Core i9 processor with eight Performance Cores (P-cores) and 16 Efficient Cores (E-cores), 32 threads, and a maximum turbo frequency of 5.8 GHz.

With an Intel NUC Mini PC, gamers can take advantage of triple-slot 12′′ graphics cards, dual-channel DDR5 RAM, and Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E for the first time.


Intel NUC 13 Extreme Kit costs between US$ 1179 (Rs. 95,830 approx.) and US$ 1549 (Rs. 1,25,960 approx.), while Intel NUC 13 Extreme Compute Element costs between US$760 (Rs. 61,802 approx.) and US$1100 (Rs. 89,450 approx.). The operating system, memory, and storage can be customized to suit individual needs.

Intel NUC 13 Extreme will first be available in China before being released broader in the fourth quarter of 2022. Additional units will follow in early 2023.