Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S23 series in Q1 next year – the S22 series was unveiled on February 9, the S21 series on January 14 and the S20 series on February 11. Although we did not know the exact date, officially we still do not. According to a Korean business official, the launch and reveal date are likely to be revealed soon.

During the first week of February (January 30 to February 5), Samsung is planning a press event in San Francisco. Following that, Samsung typically does two weeks of preorders and ships on Fridays.

Based on the calendar, February 17 should be the Friday when the first Galaxy S23 units ship.

Samsung used to launch the Galaxy S in March, but changing market conditions forced them to move it forward. As a result, it provides a more timely response to competing models (some of which will launch in December) and gives the series more time to boost Q1 financials.

Chosun, a Korean publication, reports that there’s more to it. Analysts predict that the smartphone market downturn will continue into next year, so Samsung is also taking that into account. Samsung has reportedly been motivated to launch the new S-series soon.

Qualcomm confirms Galaxy S23 Series to use latest Snapdragon chipset:

According to Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala, the second half of the March quarter (Q1) 2023 is expected to be strong due to first-month sales of the Galaxy S23 series phones. In addition, he confirmed Qualcomm now has a global share (of chipsets) of the Galaxy S23 series, which means Qualcomm chipsets for all models.

The CEO of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon, has confirmed Qualcomm’s multiyear partnership with Samsung, which will offer Snapdragon chipsets on all premium Samsung Galaxy phones around the world.