Although the Galaxy A53 is still six months from completing its first year on the market, we’ve heard rumors that work on the Galaxy A54 has been underway for some time. The Galaxy A54 is also expected to feature a lower megapixel camera than its predecessor, according to a new report published today.

According to our friends over at GalaxyClub who are known for their accuracy with such details regarding upcoming Galaxy devices, the Galaxy A54 does indeed have a 50MP main camera, suggesting a slight downgrade (at least in terms of raw megapixel count) is likely. Both the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A53 feature 64MP rear cameras.

There is no information available about other specifications of the Galaxy A54’s main camera. We can still assume that it won’t be the same flagship 50MP camera Samsung debuted earlier this year and it will be more like the mid-range 50MP camera Samsung has been using for its recent mid-range smartphones.

Besides switching to a lower-resolution main camera, rumor has it that the Galaxy A54 may not feature a depth camera. There are few details at the moment, and the Galaxy A54 isn’t expected to be released for around six months. The only certainty is that the phone will run Android 13 and One UI 5 out of the box.