Motorola launched the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phone in 2021. Last December, it released the SD8G1-powered Moto Edge X30. It is therefore widely speculated that its successor will be released around the same time. New teasers from Chen Jin, Lenovo’s Group General Manager of Lenovo’s China Mobile Phone Business Department, hint that the Moto X40 might be on the way.

Jin confirmed the Moto X40’s existence on Weibo. In China, Motorola has removed the Edge branding from its phones. As a result, the Moto X40 will replace the Edge X30. Apparently, the flagship phone will be unveiled before the end of the year.

This month, Motorola’s XT2301-5 model number appeared in the database of China’s 3C certification platform. 5G handsets were seen with 68W quick chargers. In China, the XT2301-5 is expected to be called Moto X40.

There will also be a global market for the X40. It is likely that it will be rebranded as the Motorola Edge 40 Pro outside of China. With the Edge 30 Pro announced in March 2022, it appears that the Edge 40 Pro might debut by March 2023.