Google Pixel 7

Despite its affordable price tag, Google’s Pixel 7a is expected to offer significant upgrades over the A-series Pixels before it, including better cameras and wireless charging.

When Google launched the Pixel 3a, it made it clear that affordable devices would offer the same flagship Pixel experience. Initially, Pixel flagship and A-series differed more in materials, water resistance, and specs, with cheaper materials and lower specs.

Among the Google devices 9to5Google is tracking between fall 2022 and mid-2023, we believe five are set to release. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were launched earlier this month as the Panther and Cheetah, respectively. The Google Pixel Tablet is called Tangor, while the Pixel Notepad is called Felix.

One codename remains a mystery – “Lynx.” While it’s possible Google managed to keep a device secret, the company’s past leaks suggest this is unlikely.

Pixel 7a is in the works, based on a public discussion in Android code. Lynx is therefore likely to be the 2023 Pixel 7a. Google’s Lynx device, however, seems to be far more premium than we would normally expect from the Pixel 7a.

According to the leaked information, the smartphone will be “far more premium” than what enthusiasts and users would expect from a Pixel A-series model.

Google is manufacturing a phone in China with the Tensor G2 chipset, also used in the Pixel 7 series, with a ceramic body, according to leaker Digital Chat Station. Ceramics is considered a premium material, so the company may reap the benefits of using it.

Its camera system may be its main highlight. This will be the first Pixel A-series device with triple cameras. The Samsung GN1 50MP sensor is likely to be the primary sensor, along with the Sony IMX787 64MP for telephoto and the Sony IMX712 13MP for ultrawide. Considering telephoto lenses haven’t been offered on an A-series device yet, these specs look like Pro Pixel specs.

Google saves wireless charging for its premium smartphones, like the Pixel 7a, as well. Android researcher Kuba Wojciechowski spotted that the Pixel 7a “is set to include the P9222 chip” for wireless charging. Its wireless charging capabilities are limited to 5W and are best suited for charging the Pixel Buds. There are no confirmed details about the unreleased Lynx smartphone by Google. Thus, readers should take them with a grain of salt.