We finally got the AirPods Pro 2 after Apple took its sweet time updating the AirPods Pro. A new low-distortion driver and amp powered by the H2 chip allow Apple to cover a wider range of sound frequencies. The design remains the same with silicone tips and stems on the side.

The personalized Spatial Audio feature has been added to Apple’s surround sound tech. A spatial sound profile is created based on your ears’ shape and size using the true depth camera on your iPhone.

In active noise cancellation (ANC), the microphone placement is optimized for advanced computation audio. The second generation AirPods Pro is said to have 2x better noise cancellation than the first generation.

When you are further away and in a quieter environment, adaptive transparency will cancel any high decibel noise around you – say from a construction site. There are now additional touch controls for volume adjustment on Apple’s Force sensor control points.

With the case, the battery life is rated at 30 hours and 6 hours of listening time. Featuring UWB, the new charging case is compatible with the Find My service. It comes with a speaker that can play high-pitched sounds to help you find it.

Prices for Apple AirPods Pro 2 will start at $249 or Rs.26,990/- in India. Orders can be placed starting September 9, while open sales begin September 23.