Oppo’s VP of overseas sales and services, Billy Zhang, said during the European launch event for the Oppo Reno8 series that the company will remove chargers from “several products” next year. He did not specify which devices will get lighter packaging, however. The full quote is as follows:
The charger will be removed from several products in the next year. Our plan is in place. Because it’s not easy for consumers to access [SuperVOOC chargers], we have to keep them in boxes. Despite this, we are looking to put chargers in the store as we expand our business operations so that our users can purchase them, upgrade their devices, and continue using them.”
There are a wide variety of first and third-party chargers that you can use with Oppo’s competitors since they all use USB Power Delivery. In addition, companies like Apple and Samsung don’t really push the envelope when it comes to charging speeds, so you won’t miss much with a 45W or even a 20W charger.
Oppo, however, likes to dial up the power level fairly frequently, requiring new chargers each time. For now, we’ll take them at their word – if the plan involves removing the charger from entry-level and mid-range phones, that’s fine.