OnePlus appears to be working on an entire lineup of smartwatches for its second smartwatch debut. OnePlus Watch, the brand’s first smartwatch, was released in 2021. Later that year, a Harry Potter edition of this smartwatch was released. After a few months, news of another OnePlus smartwatch surfaced online, the OnePlus Nord watch. An announcement appeared on OnePlus’ official website, indicating an impending launch. In India, internal testing began after the gear obtained BIS certifications.
OnePlus Nord Watch’s multiple variants have been unveiled today, thanks to leaker Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings). Here are the renders and features of the upcoming OnePlus Nord Watch models.
According to the renders of the OnePlus Nord Watch, there will be two models in five variants: three with circular dials and two with rectangular dials.  The rectangle dial OnePlus Nord Watches will support 240×280 and 368×448 resolutions, while the circle dial OnePlus Nord Watches will support 240×240 and 390×390 resolutions.
As of yet, we do not know when the various models will launch. The retail price of all five watches in India is expected to be around Rs 5,000. The OnePlus Nord Watches should also support GPS, just like the original OnePlus Watch.
Based on the renders, the OnePlus Nord Watch has a circular dial and two buttons on the right side, as well as a protective edge on the screen with dash lines indicating the hours. The OnePlus Nord Watch may be a ruggedized version.
This OnePlus Nord Watch also features a circle dial, but without any protective edges or dashes.
Like the original OnePlus Watch, the third OnePlus Nord Watch has a circular dial. Instead of the two buttons on the OnePlus Watch, this one has a circle controller on the right side.
OnePlus Nord Watches have disconnected bands that wrap around the outer part of the rectangle dial side. To operate the watch, it also features a black circle controller on the right.
There is also a rectangle dial OnePlus Nord Watch with a white circle controller on the right, the band fits in the dial, and we believe this one has a smaller display.