We are just a few days away from the launch of the Apple iPhone 14. An analyst has revealed that, ahead of any official announcement, Apple will start producing its newest iPhone lineup at launch for the first time ever.

Recent years have seen Apple begin producing its latest iPhones in Cupertino, California. These newly launched iPhones, however, were typically launched a quarter or more behind the region’s primary production hub, China. Now, it appears that the brand plans to combine Indian and Chinese production for the first time.
iPhone 14
According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple supplier Foxconn will produce the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 “simultaneously with China” in the second half of this year. Apple’s efforts to diversify its supply chain outside of China will continue to involve a significant gap between India’s iPhone shipments and China’s in the short term, but this is still a milestone.
Among these newer and upcoming nations, Vietnam and India, the iPhone maker work to expand its production outside of China. A notable point made by the analyst is that geopolitical reasons are also a factor in Apple’s decision to move production away from China. The company also plans to expand production in the Indian market, which has been identified as a key growth driver.