Rumors have been swirling about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 prices, with some saying to expect price cuts, and others suggesting an increase. There was some truth to all those leaks. Samsung may have finally locked in their prices with the next Unpacked event just around the corner.

In order to achieve its goal of making foldable phones mainstream, Samsung would have to lower prices. Smartphone manufacturers face increasing costs, which may tempt them to raise prices.

As far as the Fold 4 is concerned, Samsung appears to have settled on the middle ground, with the pricier book-like foldable being the more affordable option.

According to the Korean blog Naver (via Dohyun Kim), the 256GB Galaxy Z Fold 4 will cost 1,998,700 won (Rs.1,22,129/-). It could cost 2,097,700 won (Rs.1,28,200/-) for the 512GB model.

There is a possibility that the Z Flip 4 may cost a little more than its predecessor. Apparently, the 256GB variant will retail for 1,299,000 won (Rs.79,300/-) in Korea, an increase of 45,000 won (Rs.2800/-) over its predecessor. According to a recent report, the price of the 256GB Flip will increase from €1,099 to €1,160.

Profits may have been a driving force behind this decision. Samsung could earn more money by increasing the price of the clamshell phone rather than the Fold.

The 512GB Flip 4 might cost 1.39 million won (~Rs.85,000/-). A $400 price cut was applied to last year’s Flip 3. Additionally, Samsung may offer 128GB and 1TB models of the Fold 4 and a 128GB Flip 4 in addition to the storage variants mentioned in the report.

According to today’s report, the new phones will be announced on August 10 and pre-orders will begin on August 16.
Pre-orders may include the Galaxy Buds 2, a case, and Samsung Care+ for one year.