After the introduction of the foldable series aka Galaxy Z series almost four years back by the company. The brand is sort of trying its best to bring the foldable to the mid-range or affordable segment soon. Previous reports suggested that Samsung has already set plans to introduce the cheaper Galaxy A foldable by 2023 or 2024.

Now we have a new report that reveals the cost of the Galaxy A series foldable makes it the cheapest foldable. As per the report, the upcoming cheapest foldable under Galaxy A series will be priced at 1 million won (Rs.61,000/-) in South Korea. Seems like a pretty good deal for those wanting to try the new form factor of smartphones.

The pricing might vary from region to region which might range between $900 to $1000. Further, Samsung will also do some cost-cutting by removing the premium features. Yes, the Galaxy A series foldable will only include the core features which is a folding display. Further, there will be no UTG on the upcoming Galaxy A Series foldable.

The Galaxy A series foldable will either have books like form-factor like the Galaxy Z Fold or a clamshell-like the Galaxy Z Flip series. Do note that the smartphone will not hit the markets anytime sooner than 2024 or 2025.