The Asus OLED TV will be launched in India on March 3 at 12 noon at a launch event hosted by the company. In the days leading up to the launch of the Asus OLED TV in India, the brand has not revealed any detail or feature about the TV. Instead, it has launched a new brand campaign titled #WhoWatchesTV, which describes the Indian household bond with television.
Based on a social experiment, Asus created a 102-second video that illustrates emotions when TV time is interrupted. This video underscores the importance of redefining TV space by making viewing more portable from anywhere in the world.
Asus is urging users to upgrade to an OLED TV, which is said to offer an uninterrupted viewing experience. Further, it can be carried wherever the user goes. There is an emphasis on portability here by Asus, could this mean that the company will release a new portable laptop soon? Two days from now, it will be interesting to see what the company has to offer. The video was created in collaboration with Funcho, Anam Darbar, Abhishek Nigam, and Arifsha Khan.