A ColorOS 12 beta version for the Find X3 Pro was released soon after Google released the first Android 12 beta at I/O 2021. Earlier last month, the firm leaked new ColorOS 12 wallpapers ahead of the official release. So now we know exactly what to anticipate from the Android 12 upgrade for OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme phones.

Updated looks:

ColorOS 12 features a lot of design modifications. The business has revamped icons, added new animations, avatar emoji, and more. Unlike ColorOS 11, the Android skin uses squircle-shaped acrylic icons that are uniform in shape. It uses gentler colors with enough depth and texture to prevent problems.

To better manage information density, OPPO has changed the arrangement of UI components in ColorOS 12. ColorOS 12’s UI components are properly spaced, as seen in the attached pictures, allowing users to readily distinguish information. OPPO has improved text contrast and introduced distinct color tones to make users more comfortable.

New features:

ColorOS 12 adds a few additional features to those in Android 12. The firm has enhanced FlexDrop to promote multitasking by allowing users to move an app between full-screen, small window, and tiny window modes.

ColorOS 12 adds Smart Sidebar 2.0 with six new features. These programs allow users to easily download music from the web and compare prices on eCommerce sites. OPPO has also developed Cross-Screen Interconnection to ease phone-to-PC communication. A PC can manage a phone, exchange data, and edit papers saved on the phone. Cross-Screen Interconnection works with most Windows 10 laptops.

OPPO has also included new Car Screen Projection capabilities in ColorOS 12. These capabilities enable customers to quickly use third-party applications like Kuwo, Ximalaya, Baidu Maps, AutoNavi, etc. on their car’s screen.

ColorOS 12 also features an avatar emoji feature dubbed “Omoji,” which uses sophisticated Face Capture technology to create high-precision 3D models.

New animation with improved performance:

OPPO has improved performance to help customers enjoy ColorOS 12 on their smartphones. To provide consumers a seamless and lifelike browsing experience, OPPO has added its Quantum Animation Engine to the Android skin. That makes it “more lifelike, smoother, and intuitive,” OPPO says.

ColorOS 12 has an anti-stutter AI engine to handle delays and stutters throughout the UI. In order to minimize fragmentation, OPPO claims to handle cold and hot data independently. OPPO evaluated this AI engine internally and discovered: “In an OPPO tech labs test, after 36 months of continuous usage, the read/write performance loss was less than 5%, and the total aging rate was just 2.75 percent.”

The anti-stutter AI engine may also suggest app priority based on user behavior.

Improved privacy and security:

ColorOS 12 has Android 12’s enhanced privacy and security features. Using the phone’s microphone, camera, or location will now alert users. In order to prevent third-party applications from gathering background data, it will issue alerts. It also provides comprehensive permission management to assist users to understand and manage permissions.

ColorOS 12 also features a secure sharing function that helps users erase information before sharing. OPPO is following other OEMs that have included a similar functionality on their Android skins. It also works while sharing videos.

Timeline for ColorOS 12:

OPPO has also revealed ColorOS 12 update plans. OPPO Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition will be the first to get the update. In October, OPPO will also release a public beta version for the Find X3 and OnePlus 9.

ColorOS 12 beta builds for the Find X2 and Reno 6 series will arrive in November, while the Reno 5 series, OPPO K9, A95, A93, Ace 2, and the OnePlus 8 series will arrive in December.

OPPO says their ColorOS 12 update plan will reach over 150 million consumers and 110 distinct smartphones. OPPO has promised three significant Android updates for its flagships.

OPPO hasn’t revealed a release date for the Realme phones. Realme is expected to announce shortly. We’ll update this page with any new information.