Xiaomi is back with another premium launch but this time it might be not a traditional smartphone instead a foldable one. Yes, after Huawei, Samsung and Motorola we have Xiaomi launching its first foldable phone this year under the popular Xiaomi Mi Mix series.

Previously we got just patents showing the design of the new foldable phone from Xiaomi. Now we have finally got the hands-on images showing the new foldable phone under the Xiaomi Mi Mix series. From the images, yet again Xiaomi too follows Samsung footsteps and launch an inward folding smartphone.

Yes, after Huawei Mate X2 the upcoming Mi Mix series foldable too will look similar to Galaxy Fold. There is no display installed instead we just got a case with a glossy finish on the back. Further, the device will feature triple rear cameras aligned vertically with LED flash.

We can even see the Mi Mix branding which was almost delayed for two years. Finally, we have got a successor to Mi Mix 3. Sadly, we still, don’t have any official confirmation about the upcoming foldable flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix.