JioPhone 5G

Yes, Jio will finally announce its much-awaited Jio Phone 5G in partnership with Google as per the new reports. Previously we got enough leaks suggesting that Jio and Google making an affordable 5G phone which was about to launch this year. With almost three months passed still no sign about the device we finally have news leaked for the launch details.

JioPhone Plan, Jio

As per the source, the new Jio 5G phone will be launched along with an affordable laptop JioBook at the RIL AGM meeting. Yes, the RIL AGM meeting will be held every year in the month of Aug where the company unveils some of the latest technologies. The report also states that Jio is likely to complete its R&D of the Jio 5G by May to June this year.

The actual launch of the Jio 5G phone will be made sometime by the second quarter of 2021. As of now Jio and Google are busy discussing the version of Android that will run on the cheaper Jio Phone 5G.