After showing the new Oppo X concept foldable phone last month. Now the company has showcased its future concept smartphone called Slide phone. Yes, Oppo has now showed its new concept design called Slide phone with trifold display.

Oppo X Nendo Slide phone

The new Slide phone design is made by Oppo in collaboration with Japanese design studio Nendo. The new Slide Phone comes with three hinges that folds on the X-axis in not one or two but seven different ways. The new slide phone is made for those who like to change the orientation of the display based on situation. It for those who want more from their smartphone and its perfect phone to have in the future.

With the trifold design one can expect the phone to look differently based on how you fold it. The device also gets stylus support tucked in the concept Slide Phone. Sadly, we are still very far from reality for such a device to ever launch in the market anytime soon. Apart from that Oppo and Nendo also showed the compact form factor of all our daily smart products.

Oppo X Nendo TWS concept

Now both the companies has managed to make TWS getting connected to case/power hub and even get attached to each other. One can place the case over the smart speaker and initiate wireless charging while its playing.