Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Previously we saw reports revealing the OnePlus plans to introduce the new OnePlus Watch and even got the official confirmation for the same. Now we have one more thing with the new fitness tracker to be soon launched by the company. Yes, the new reports reveal OnePlus wants to try out its luck with fitness trackers too now.

As per the report, OnePlus is not just launching the smartwatch but even planning to introduce the fitness band next year. Sadly, we still got no official confirmation for the same. So probably we finally got another worthy competitor to the popular fitness band aka Mi Band 5.

We saw Mi Bands were almost popular since its first launch and to date, it has not lost its popularity. Maybe that could be the reason behind OnePlus plans to take on the fitness tracker. The report also claims that the OnePlus first fitness band will cost just $40 (Rs.3000/-) in the US. Lastly, we got to know that the OnePlus band might launch by end of March 2021 in India.

Yes, the OnePlus band will make its debut with India and later will expand to other markets. So at the price tag of Rs.3000/- it is slightly overpriced because the Mi Band 5 comes at a lower Rs.2500/-. The source also revealed that the OnePlus band will sport an AMOLED display and comes with water resistant support and multi-day battery life.