Previously we saw various leaks revealing the new Galaxy Z Fold3 featuring all-display front and under-display camera support. We even got reports revealing Galaxy Z Fold3 will have one more variant with Galaxy Z Fold3 Ultra which will be having support for S-Pen. Now we have finally received the first look of the new Galaxy Z Fold3 through CAD renders made by the popular tipster.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

As per the source, the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with a completely new form factor than the predecessor. Yes, the Galaxy Z Fold3 becomes the first tri-fold display to launch earlier next year. The source expects, Samsung may launch two models one with dual fold and the other with tri-fold display.

Dual Display Variant of Galaxy Z Fold3:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

So let’s start with the dual fold display version of Galaxy Z Fold3 which comes with a design similar to Galaxy Z Fold2. The Galaxy Z Fold3 features one big display in the middle along with two smaller displays on the left and right. Sadly, the tipster didn’t reveal the display size of the new Galaxy Z Fold3. The display on the right got dual-sided and the major change is that it folds the display on both sides this time. As the Galaxy Z Fold3 comes with two hinges instead of a single on the predecessor.

When folded we can see that Galaxy Z Fold3 carrying quad-cameras with LED flash on one side and on the other we have a smaller display. Once unfolded we will get tablet size main display on the front.

Tri-Fold display model of Galaxy Z Fold3:

Further, the new Galaxy Z Fold3 will also feature a new tri-fold display with hinges on both sides which no bends in opposite directions. This design will not only make a larger internal display but also develops a much larger external display for use. This design will solve the previous problems of the smaller external display. Sadly, both of the models will still come with a punch-hole display and not the under-display camera. There are dual stereo speakers on the bottom of the device.