Galaxy S21 Ultra

Previously we saw leaks revealing the detailed specs of the new Galaxy S21 Ultra for Indian and European regions. We even got the complete press renders showing the Galaxy S21 Ultra in full glory. Now we have the leaks showing the camera sample taken from the new Galaxy S21 Ultra.

As per the source, they had got few camera samples which are taken from the most premium flagship aka the Galaxy S21 Ultra Exynos variant. From the images, we can see the zooming capabilities of the new Galaxy S21 Ultra as the device surprises by the stellar camera performance.

From the image, we can see the side by side comparison with Galaxy S21 Ultra & Galaxy Note20 Ultra which are taken with 50x zoom. The picture taken from Galaxy S21 Ultra surpasses the camera shot taken from Galaxy Note20 Ultra which isn’t that surprising. Anyway, we even got another image that shows another sample taken from Galaxy S21 Ultra with 70x zoom. Now the Galaxy S21 Ultra performs pretty well without any pixelation and gives a clearer picture of the moon.

So by this, we can expect much improved cameras on the Galaxy S21 Ultra that might beat the current flagships.