PlayStation 5

Looks like we have got bad news for Gamers as the popular PS series is going to end soon. Previously we saw Sony announcing the most powerful gaming console with PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition. Recently Sony also revealed the Indian pricing details and ahead of the first sale we have some bad news.

As per the reports, Sony is planning to exit the Gaming Console markets soon which was confirmed by none other than PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan. Further, he also confirmed that the new PS5 will be the last gaming console from Sony. This news might break many of the hearts of the gamers as they always play the heavy graphics games on the new PS series in the past which will be soon going to end.

Sony PS5

So probably this news disappoints a bit but there is also good news which Sony shared in the report. Yes, Sony too looking for entering into Online gaming business after Apple, Google and Microsoft. With COVID-19 outbreak the online gaming saw huge growth this year and hence Sony jumping into it.

Kota Ezawa, a Citigroup analyst, also said that Sony might completely move to online gaming right from next PS6. We still have to wait almost four more years to get the details about the PS6 and that’s a huge amount of time Sony will develop the online gaming centre soon. As of now it is not yet confirmed whether Sony will ditch the PS completely.