Previously we saw various leaks revealing Nokia delaying the flagship Nokia 9 Pureview along with Nokia 6.3 & Nokia 7.3. Still, we are waiting for the new flagship we have now received new leak that reveals the future devices from Nokia. Yes, the document just revealed Nokia’s future plans.

As per the source, Nokia only motto is to promote Google Android One program as the document reveals Pixels for every price category. Yes, Nokia is the only brand that offers a clean Android experience without any customisation after Google. Further, the document also reveals HMD plans to make Nokia top 3 smartphone brand across the globe in next five years.

Overall we can summarise that Nokia wants to be Google best friend for now. Anyway, the document also mentions the future flagship of Nokia with the new Nokia 10. Yes, Nokia is all set to roll out the Nokia 9 successor with Nokia 10 probably next year. Sadly, the document doesn’t reveal the complete details of the Nokia 10 at the moment.

Lastly, Nokia also revealed that the companies main markets will be India, China, Russia, Indonesia, UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and the USA.