Apple Foldable smartphone

Looks like Apple is betting high and might jump on the foldable segment soon. With Samsung and Huawei launching their own foldable devices we even saw Motorola too following the same. Now Apple might soon turn on the heat as the company plans for foldable iPad.

As per the tipster, they have got the detailed specs of the upcoming foldable iPad way ahead of the official launch. Yes, Apple is about to announce one more thing aka the foldable iPad not earlier than 2023. Further, the Foldable iPad will sport new micro-LED display for the first time as the company is currently working on the same.

Apple Foldable smartphone

We might see the trend of micro-LED panels in the next three to four years as per various reports. The source also confirms that the new Foldable iPad will not even have hinge connecting two displays instead will connect each other seamlessly. The Foldable iPad will also feature under-display selfie camera along with Touch ID as primary biometric.

The Foldable iPad will be powered by 3nm based Apple A16X or Apple A17 SoC which will be much powerful than all other devices in the world. The device will also come with great VR features with the help of Apple Glass. Anyway, it’s way too early for the new Foldable iPad which will not come anytime soon.