Looks like LG is planning something weird this time after the new LG Velvet 5G. Now the company is planning for innovative rotating display phone soon which might take the current foldable devices to the next level. As per the source, they have leaked the image of the upcoming T-shaped rotating phone.

From the leaked image, we are still not satisfied the image is being heavily photoshopped as there are two phone one above the other. Of course, the design looks a bit weird as there are two screens one wider on the top and shorter screen on the bottom. As per the source, the alleged device is codenamed as LG WING.

LG Wing

The source also reveals that the below one sports 4.0 inches display which is square in form factor. As the device is T-shaped when unlocked we can term the two screens as wings hence the name. The alleged LG Wing will be using Snapdragon 7 series processor which is not yet known.

It will feature 64MP main sensor and will feature 1:1 aspect ratio secondary display. The horizontal main screen is of 6.8 inches in size. The source also reveals that currently the device is under development phase and LG might launch sometime in H2 of 2020. Finally, LG might bring something innovative this year to tackle Samsung’s upcoming foldable devices.