Google Pixel 4

Looks like Google has already started works on the next device for this year with Google Pixel 5. Previously we had few reports about Google moving with LG way and might ditch the SD865 SoC and go with SD765G SoC for the new Google Pixel 5. We even had few reports about the Google Pixel 5 might come with Pixel 4a like display.

Google Pixel 4

Now we have a new leak coming in from one of the industry insiders which reveal that Google might ditch a major feature on the new Google Pixel 5. As per the source, Google might say goodbye to the new Soli Radar sensor on the new Google Pixel 5. We all know due to some military restriction the Google Pixel 4 series never came to India as it was using the Soli Radar.

Now the company has finally decided to get rid out of the new Soli Radar sensor on the upcoming Google Pixel 5 to launch the device for all the markets across the globe. We even saw many reports suggesting that very fewer people had bought the new Google Pixel 4 series globally which has forced Google to improve the device basically in terms of design and camera. And the fact is that many of them didn’t like the Motion Sense feature on the Google Pixel 4 series.



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