Nokia waterfall display phone

Nokia is all set to unveil its very first flagship with Nokia 9.3 and the successor to Nokia 7.2 with Nokia 7.3 very soon. Previously we got a few rumours suggesting that the Nokia 9.3 might be delayed further due to Corona Virus outbreak. Now the same source has confirmed the launch schedule for the new Nokia 9.3 & Nokia 7.3.

As per the report, the new Nokia 9.3 & Nokia 7.3 is scheduled to launch by mid or late of Q3 of 2020. This indirectly confirm the launch might happen sometime in Sept or Aug so probably at IFA Berlin if all goes well. With Sept launch we can expect Huawei to unveil its second flagship with Mate 40 series, Samsung with Galaxy Note 20 series and Google with Pixel 5 series.

Nokia 8.2

So we have to wait how good the new Nokia 9.3 will compete against the upcoming devices. Further, the source also confirmed that both Nokia 9.3 & Nokia 7.3 will be released together in the same event. Further, the source is still not sure whether the new launch schedule will be finalised or not as it will be depending based on COVID 19 outbreak.

Anyway, the new Nokia 9.3 might again be a camera-centric flagship similar to the predecessor. We are still not sure how exactly the new Nokia 9.3 looks as hardly we got any leak about it. We can confirm that Nokia 9.3 will be powered by SD865 SoC whereas the Nokia 7.3 with SD765G SoC.