Android 11

Previously we saw Google announcing the new Android 10 OS which arrived sometime in Sept last year. With just six months after releasing the new Android 10, Google has now announced the next iteration of Android with Android 11. Yes, Google has now started rolling out the Android 11 first Developer Preview update to its Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL.

Now Google has released some of the features of the Android 11. The Android 11 will get huge connectivity leap with 5G support. With Android 11 app developers can take more advantage with new API for improved speed and latency what 5G offers. This indirectly helps app developers to show high-quality content within the app based on bandwidth. The new bandwidth estimator API will provide downstream/upstream bandwidth without the need for an extra app.

Android 11

The next feature is with new punch-hole or pin-hole display support. Yes, Android 11 will finally add support for Pinhole and waterfall display. This will also help apps to use full display while playing the content with the new API.

With Android 11 Google has also improved the notification section of the OS. Google has now added Facebook like chat heads for every messaging or chat app called Bubbles. This will help to multi-task simultaneously without the need to jump between the apps. Further, one can send images directly from the notification panel as Android 11 will get a copy and paste feature for images too.

Android 11 will also bring native screen recording feature which can be added under the quick setting tile. Further, Android 11 will also bring automatic Dark mode based on day and night.

The new Android 11 Developer Preview is currently available to only Google Pixel 2 and above. The final version of Android 11 DP will be available only in May 2020. Currently, it’s not recommended to flash the new Android 11 DP as it comes with a lot of bugs.