AirPods Pro

Yes, you heard it right! Apple is now planning to introduce another variant of the new AirPods Pro soon. Apple previously introduced the all-new high-end wireless AirPods with AirPods Pro. Now the company might introduce a low-cost version of the same.

AirPods Pro


As per the reports, they have got news from Apple Supply Chain in Taiwan, that the company is all set to introduce an affordable version of AirPods Pro with AirPods Pro Lite. Sadly, the report doesn’t reveal any details nor the renders of the new AirPods Pro Lite.

Apple has introduced the second-gen AirPods & AirPods Pro now we have one more on the way with AirPods Pro Lite. We are still not sure what will be pricing for the new AirPods Pro-Lite as the AirPods Pro cost $90 more than the standard version of AirPods.