Recently a few months back, Xiaomi announced the new MIUI 11 globally and has also started hitting the devices. Now the company is busy working on the successor to MIUI 11 with MIUI 12. Yes, Xiaomi has now teased the new MIUI 12 earlier than expected.


As per the post, Xiaomi has now revealed the logo for the upcoming MIUI 12 which might be announced later this year. As per the source, Xiaomi could announce the MIUI 12 at the same time as MIUI 11 sometime in Sept 2020.

Sadly, the company didn’t reveal anything about the features and other details for the MIUI 12. We can expect new details about the MIUI 12 will start appearing online in the coming months. Anyway, the new MIUI 12 update will not hit anytime earlier than the end of 2020.