Oppo Find X

Previously we saw Oppo VP confirming the news about the next big flagship from Oppo turns out to be the new Oppo Find X2. We even got various leaks and rumours about the new Oppo Find X2. Now one of the Oppo executives has revealed another detail about the new Oppo Find X2.

Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G


As per the source, the Oppo executive has just revealed the interesting detail about the upcoming Oppo Find X2 on Weibo post. As per the post, the Oppo executive confirms that the new Oppo Find X2 will be a lot thicker than the recently launched Oppo Reno3 Pro.

Further, the post also states that those who need thin and light phone one can get the Oppo Reno3 Pro and those who need powerful and flagship hardware can wait for Oppo Find X2 or get the Oppo Reno Ace. Anyway, the same person has previously also confirmed that the Oppo Find X2 will not have under-display selfie camera.