Previously we saw OnePlus announcing another tech event in China which was for next big display tech that might feature with OnePlus 8 Pro. Now OnePlus has finally announced the new display tech that would make its debut with OnePlus 8 series.

OnePlus 120Hz QHD OLED display

OnePlus has announced the new 120Hz refresh rates QHD+ OLED display which comes with a whopping 240 Hz touch sampling rates. The display also comes with 8.3 ms of rendering time for each frame. The OnePlus calls it as Smooth Chain which helps in reducing the delay between input and response. Further, the company has also added some sort of frame rate smoothing in games.

OnePlus 120Hz QHD OLED display

Another feature which the new display features are the MEMC which stands for Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation. The new MEMC feature will add smart frame insertion and interpolation layer which process in lower framerates video up to 120fps.

Further, OnePlus claims that the new display comes with JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) value of 0.8 which is considered to be great. The display also comes with true 10-bit with 1.07 billion colours along with brightness levels of 4096 and might also have HDR support. The company claims that the new display are still under development.