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Previously we had few leaks revealing the upcoming Android 11 features. With almost six months passed after announcing the Android 10, we now got the first leaks confirming the next iteration is all in works.

Android R

As per the source, the new Geekbench listing of the Pixel 4 reveals that the device is found to be running on an unknown version of Android with Android R. We are still not sure whether the new listing is legit or fake but this indirectly confirms that Google might be busy testing the new version of Android.

So this listing also confirms that the next iteration will be codenamed as Android R. The listing just reveals the specs of Pixel 4 which we all know with SD855 SoC coupled with 6GB RAM. Anyway, we are still not sure what exactly the next version of Android will ever be named as many brands tends to change the numbering system to Roman numbering after 10.