Samsung Sero TV

Samsung has unveiled its new lineup of TV’s at the annual Electronics Event CES in the US today. With its new lineup, Samsung has now launched a weird TV called The Samsung Sero probably for Mobile entertainment on the go.

Yes, the new Samsung Sero is a new TV that can rotate landscape to watch normal content as we usually watch on TV which also doubles up to rotate vertically to use smartphone-centric content like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and TikTok. The new Samsung Sero comes with 43 inches 4K HDR display along with built-in 60W Stereo speakers.

Not just that, the new Samsung Sero comes with the wheel to move the TV from one room to another. The Samsung Sero TV just rotates vertically once it gets connected to any smartphone and you can cast or even AirPlay any content on TV. The TV automatically rotates to landscape or vertical based on the orientation of the phone. Sadly, the company has not yet revealed the pricing and availability of the new Samsung Sero.