JioPhone Plan, Jio

Currently, Reliance Jio is busy enjoying the success of its feature smartphone the Jio Phone. The company also introduced the successor with JioPhone 2 that didn’t get that popularity as the original. Now we have new leaks coming in revealing about Jio’s plan to introduce the cheapest feature phone with Jio Phone Lite.


As per the source, Reliance Jio is planning to launch the cheapest feature phone without internet connectivity with Jio Phone Lite anytime soon. Currently, the company is taking opinion from the retailers for the new Jio Phone Lite and might decide to launch later next year. The Jio Phone Lite will feature a small display with T9 Keypad.

Further, the source also reveals that the new Jio Phone Lite would be priced under Rs.500/-. We can expect the new Jio Phone Lite might cost over Rs.399/- in India. With JioPhone basic plan being hiked to Rs.75/- we can expect the Jio Phone Lite plan would cost just Rs.49/- per month. The Rs.49/- plan will offer unlimited calls to Jio users and comes with bundled minutes to other networks.