Xiaomi Mi Watch

Earlier we saw various teaser revealing one or the other features of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Watch. Now we are left with the pricing and availability details which will be revealed later today in China. Ahead of the official launch, we have got the pricing details of the new Xiaomi Mi Watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

As per the source, the new Xiaomi Mi Watch is been listed in Taobao’s official Xiaomi store which cost 1499 Yuan (Rs.15,100/-) which is for the 11.11 sale and originally the device will cost 1699 Yuan (Rs.17,100/-) in China. Looks like the new Xiaomi Mi Watch will not be the cheapest smartwatch and comes with premium price tag.

Apart from that, we even got new leaks revealing that there will be one more variant of Watch with Xiaomi Mi Watch Pro. Yes, the circular display watch will be named as Xiaomi Mi Watch Pro which will be launched later this year. It is expected to run on Wear OS.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Pro

Further, the source reveals that the Xiaomi Mi Watch Pro will come with more powerful Snapdragon 3300 SoC along with higher RAM and storage. It will also have eSIM, NFC support along with the larger battery. The source also reveals the price of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Pro which will cost 1299 Yuan (Rs.13,200/-) in China.