Sony Xperia 5

Earlier we saw few leaks revealing the upcoming flagship Sony Xperia 3 with an almost similar design as the Xperia 1. Now one of the popular sources has just leaked the complete roadmap for 2020 Sony Xperia smartphone lineup.

As per the source, Sony is considering almost four new flagships next year along with three new mid-rangers. Further, the four flagships will come with SD865 SoC along with 5G support whereas some of the mid-range smartphones might come with SD735 SoC with 5G support.

The list of flagship launching in 2020 includes Sony Xperia 1.1 aka Xperia 1 successor which is termed as global flagship and might launch globally. As per the source, the Xperia 1.1 will come with quad-rear cameras, 5G support and 4K display. The new Sony Xperia 1.1 might launch in MWC 2020.

Further, the second flagship is the Sony Xperia 3 which is the successor to Sony Xperia 2 Compact. The new Sony Xperia 3 turns out to be a compact version of Xperia 1.1 with triple rear cameras, 5G support and 2K display. The Sony Xperia 3 is scheduled to launch in early 2020.

The next flagship will be called the Sony Xperia 5.1 aka Xperia 5 successor which will be launching at IFA 2020. As per the source, the Xperia 5.1 will come with almost similar specs as the Xperia 1.1 along with 5G support.

Sony Xperia 3

Lastly, Sony will also launch the first Hexa-camera flagship with Sony Xperia 0 by late 2020. Earlier we even got the camera details along with renders of the alleged Xperia 0 leaked which might turn out to be true. Now, let us move to the mid-range flagship from Sony for 2020.

Sony Xperia Hexa camera phone

Sony will introduce three new mid-range smartphones in 2020 with Sony Xperia 10.1, Xperia 9.1 and Xperia 8.1. As per the source, the Sony Xperia 10.1 is the successor of this year launched Xperia 10. Sony Xperia 10 Plus successor will be renamed as Sony Xperia 9.1. Lastly, the Sony Xperia 8.1 which will be the successor to Xperia 8 that will be exclusive to Japan.

Further, all three mid-rangers will come with 5G support. At last Sony might even launch a few budget devices. Yes, Sony will bring the Xperia L4 aka successor to Xperia L3 and also there will be a successor to Xperia Ace with Xperia 100. The source confirms that both the devices will come with 5G support.