Nokia 8.1

Earlier we saw few rumours about the successor to Nokia 8.1 is in works and might soon launch. We even got to know that the Nokia 8.2 will come with SD735 SoC along with 5G support. Now the same source has further revealed the details of the Nokia 8.2.

Nokia 8.2

As per the source, the new Nokia 8.2 will come in an only a single variant with 5G support and will not have the 4G variant. Further, from next year Nokia will only launch the Nokia 6.2 and there will be no Plus variant of the same instead will jump to Nokia 6.3.

The same will be applicable for Nokia 8.2. Further, the source also confirmed that the new Nokia 8.2 will come with 5G support and is scheduled to launch in MWC 2020 at Barcelona. Further, the Nokia 8.2 is rumoured to come with pop-up selfie camera featuring 32MP shooter.