Apple iPhone 11

Apple is back on news after launching the iPhone 11 series we now have all our eyes on the upcoming iPhone 12 series along with cheaper iPhone aka iPhone SE 2. Previously we had few rumours about the 2020 iPhones to feature in-display TouchID sensor.

Now popular analyst  Blayne Curtis from Barclays revealed some interesting details of the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone SE 2. As per the source, during his visit to Apple Supply chain in Asia he got few details about the upcoming devices. According to Barclays, the iPhone 12 Pro Max & iPhone 12 Pro will come with 6GB RAM next year.

That’s a huge jump from 4GB RAM on iPhone 11 to 6GB RAM. Further, the iPhone 12 will also come with 3D sensor and 5G mm-wave support. The base model aka iPhone 12 will come with 4GB RAM and with 5G support but might not have mmWave tech.

Lastly, the Analyst also confirms that iPhone SE 2 is still in pipeline as it is expected to enter mass production by Feb 2020. The new iPhone SE 2 will look almost similar to iPhone 8 with 4.7 inches HD display and TouchID sensor but comes with Apple A13 SoC and 3GB RAM.