World leaders in hearing-based sound personalization and digital hearing tests, Mimi Hearing Technologies, is set to reveal ground-breaking innovations to tackle the rising challenges of hearing UX in entertainment and interaction, an array of new partnerships, and a new SDK at IFA 2019 (Berlin, September 6-11). 
In a world where we all hear differently and 55 % of the adult population has some type of hearing loss, it still goes unrecognized and untreated for the vast majority of the population. And while wearing glasses and contact lenses is the common way to deal with vision problems, hearing difficulties are not equally addressed. This is one of the reasons why Mimi is actively tackling this problem, by providing a technology that knows how people hear and that personalizes the audio to the user’s unique hearing ability in all the places we listen. 
Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO of Mimi Hearing Technologies, said: “Through our newly expanded network of global partners, we look forward to showcasing the work we’ve been doing to make Mimi Hearing Technologies the world leader in hearing-based sound personalization and digital hearing tests. With problems associated with hearing prevalent across all demographics, people want to enjoy every moment of whatever they are listening to, making a personalized listening experience tailored to their unique hearing ability more relevant than ever before.
Mimi has analyzed over 1.5 million individual Hearing ID profiles from the Mimi Hearing Test app since 2014 in order to refine the sound personalization process, and the upcoming cross-vertical expansion of our already far-reaching partnership program will allow us to bring a personalized listening experience to all situations in which people listen”.
This expanded list of new partnerships – which will allow Mimi to establish its standard of hearing-based sound personalization and hearing health throughout the wider consumer electronics industry –  includes: 
Panasonic: Mimi will bring its industry-leading intelligent audio technology solution into airline cabins as part of Panasonic Avionics’ inflight wellness suite. This marks Mimi’s first expansion into aerospace, with its sound processing solutions being made available to millions of passengers using Panasonic Avionics’ inflight entertainment and communication systems. 
Qualcomm: Working through the Qualcomm’s eXtension program, Mimi Hearing Technologies will be integrated with Qualcomm’s existing audio platforms. Once headphone users have created their unique Hearing ID through the Mimi Hearing Test app, they will be able to personalize their audio with Mimi’s audio processing software solutions.
Cadence-Tensilica: A global leader in customizable dataplane processor IP cores, which will enable Mimi to integrate its patented audio personalization technology into Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi digital signal processing (DSP) family for audio and voice. Through the collaboration, users now have access to a personalized listening experience that’s based on a listener’s unique hearing profile.
DSP Group: A leading provider of wireless chipset solutions designed to improve voice intelligibility on mobile, consumer and enterprise devices, this partnership will allow Mimi’s personalization technology to perfect the audio quality for consumer and business phone users. 
These partnerships build on a sustained period of growth for Mimi Hearing Technologies following its recent IP acquisitions of three sound personalization companies; 3D Sound Labs, Symphonic and SolidSound. Mimi was also honoured with the CES Innovation Award for the second year in a row and secured successful partnerships with wireless headphones producer Beyerdynamic, Bragi and electronics manufacturer Loewe to deliver Mimi’s sound personalization solution to consumers worldwide. 
To find out more about how Mimi’s hearing technology will continue to evolve and what the bigger impact of hearing-based sound personalization will be in tech brands’ integration, visit Mimi at Booth 110, Hall 26, September 6th – 11th at IFA 2019.