Samsung Rollable display

Earlier we saw Samsung and Huawei launching their very own foldable smartphones with Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Now we have another company is busy working on its first foldable phone with Sony.

Samsung Rollable display


As per the tipster, Sony is working on its very first foldable phone which will sport foldable or rollable display using Nautilus Design. The device will come with SD7250 SoC coupled as per prototype but it might arrive with SD855 SoC with SDX50 modem once official. Hence it will be future proof with 5G support.

Further, the Sony foldable phone will use an LG display and will come with a 10x optical zoom sensor. It will pack lower 3220 mAh battery but might come with larger once it goes official. Anyway, apart from this nothing much about the new Sony foldable display is revealed.