We are still in 2019 mid-way and waiting for the Samsung second flagship announcement with Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Now we already started receiving the rumours for the 2020 flagship with Samsung Galaxy S11.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

As per the source, the new Samsung Galaxy S11 might come with a whopping 64MP rear camera which makes it a major upgrade from 12MP and 16MP on the present generation. Hence finally we might see the Samsung entering the camera number race after many Chinese rivals.

Samsung has also announced its first 64MP ISOCELL GM1 sensor earlier this year and we might think the same sensor might make its debut with the new Samsung Galaxy S11 next year. Anyway, we are still lots of time for the Samsung Galaxy S11 and stay tuned for some more leaks and rumours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Further, the upcoming premium tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has not spotted on NCC certification in Taiwan. As per the listing, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is listed as SM-T860 which will come with EP-TA200 15W charging adapter within the package. So finally even tablets are getting the fast charge support. Further, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will pack 6840 mAh battery.



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